Who Biulds the City

The Department of Architectural Science at Ryerson University (Toronto, Canada) is organizing a symposium entitled Who Builds the City?  Rear View (Projects) co-curator, Jennifer Davis, will moderate Panel 2: “What can an Architecture Museum do?”

This symposium looks at three critical ways a city can be improved through the reinforcing presence of critical institutions:

  • by creating a more robust network of information exchange and idea generation amongst people directly engaged in city-building projects (architects, urbanists, developers, activists, etc);
  • by producing more opportunities for innovative and critical practice (especially outside of explicit market influence); and
  • finally by direct engagement both in the physical construction of the city and in the evolution of development policy.

It will address these modes of improvement through four panel discussions:

  • Session One: What can architecture publishing do?
  • Session Two: What can an architecture museum do?
  • Session Three: What can a school do?
  • Session Four: What can the government do?