FEAST (Funding Engaging Actions with Sustainable Tactics) is a series of participatory dinners and micro-funding events that support creative projects with community involvement. Artists, designers and groups are invited to present proposals for projects during the dinner. Everyone attending the dinner votes on which project they would like to fund, and the project with the most votes is given a grant from the money that is raised from the dinner tickets.

FEAST was founded by Amber Landgraff and Deborah Wang. Food for FEAST is the creative endeavour of Lisa Myers, with music by Alison Snowball. FEAST is co-presented with XPACE Cultural Centre. Past and present sponsors, supporters and collaborators include A Space Gallery, Amsterdam Beer, Dave Morgan, Fuse Magazine, Gladstone Hotel, and Toronto Free Gallery.


Davis and Lee won $915 for their project Super Furniture:

Super Furniture is an installation by architect and graphic novelist, Jimenez Lai, that is commissioned by Rear View Curatorial Collective for the Summer of 2013.  Conceived of as “a building that is too small and furniture that is too big,” this installation offers visitors the opportunity to inhabit windows of a life-sized comic book page.  Located in a laneway behind Sheridan Ave (Brockton/Little Portugal neighbourhoods), the project revives the eternal fascination of chidhood fort building, club founding and playing out of sight of ‘grown ups’.  Super Furniture is a novel proposition for how we might live and socialize in the unique, but often overlooked, spaces of Toronto.”