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Canadian Architect features How to Make Space
Blog, Press / November 14, 2016
Canadian Architect November 2016

Canadian Architect November 2016

How to Make Space, an exhibition curated by Rear View (Projects), is featured on the BACKPAGE of Canadian Architect magazine’s November 2016 issue. The article’s author, Ruth Jones, vividly brings the artworks to a Canadian audience and explains how Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) contribute to shaping the public space of Hong Kong:

As curator Jennifer Davis noted in a talk at Brooklyn’s Asia Art Archive in America in August, architects account for and accommodate users in the abstract when designing buildings and cities. But those same users are rarely seen as having an active role. Architecture stops when construction does. Yet without altering structures in any permanent way, MDWs in Hong Kong affect patterns of movement, program, ambience, and divisions between public and private in the spaces they occupy. How to Make Space tracks the invisibility of domestic workers against their Sunday visibility, juxtaposing the limits imposed on them with their spatial agency. By making the public city not only private but also domestic, the women, despite their vulnerable position, challenge the urban conventions of Hong Kong.

Read the full article on Canadian Architect’s website: Making Space November 2016